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FlyersZone is a new generation company engaged in providing customer oriented services in the field of domestic and international traveling and tourism. Flyers Zone came into being with planning and preparation for a long period of time by a group of professionals

What Flyers Zone Does For You

  • We offer arrangement of Visa
  • We offer Hotel Reservation and Tour Packages
  • The cost is more reliable and affordable

Tickets and /or Travel Information

We are actively involved in the provision of tickets and/or travel information from all airlines operating in Bangladesh. Having been involved in the travel, tourism and aviation industry we have attained a very high level of expertise in this field. We are therefore in a very good position to provide quality ticketing service for both International and Domestic travel.

Arrangement of Visa

We do provide Visa processing for our clients, this service is limited to outbound journey only for those countries whose consul office is available in Bangladesh and we also have an arrangement to provide U.A.E visa.

Hotel Reservation and Packages

We consider our Holiday division “Flyers Zone Tours” as one of the best in this field. We maintain an enviable number of contracts with local hotels, guest houses and similarly we can offer very special rates for hotel accommodation, tailor-made and set packages abroad through our associates around the World.

Executive Airport Protocol Services

Upon arrival Flyers Zone is equipped to help prevent embarrassments at our airports. We not only pick you up from agreed points in luxury cars to the desired airport, we also ensure that you go through all airport formalities and hassle-free clearance and in style. This service is available both for travels into and out of Bangladesh, in addition to domestic air travels.
The choice of vehicle is yours and depending on the size of your entourage it could be a luxury car, a Jeep/SUV or coach.

Why Flyers Zone Is Better Than Others

Best Travel Packages and Features
Affordable and Reliable Cost
Neat and Clean Presentation
24/7 Support By the Team
  • FlyersZone gives you all the features in affordable and reliable cost
  • FlyersZone offers you with best features, including best Tour-packages, Hotels, etc.
  • FlyersZone works neatly, to present you everything simplicitly
  • FlyersZone gives you 24/7 support

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